12-16 Jun 2017 Paris (France)

Galaxy Evolution Across Time


Paris, 12-16th June 2017


The conference will concentrate on the different physical mechanisms driving galaxy evolution, the role of environment and on the evolution of dark matter halo hosts.


The conference will take place at a time when new results from major surveys first become available: the HST Frontier Fields, the Dark Energy Survey (DES), MANGA, SAMI, CALIFA, and the ESO imaging and spectroscopy public surveys. ALMA results will shed light on environmental effects on the gas content of galaxies. Important results are also expected from other major programs using novel instrumentation that has been recently installed on the large mirrors, including MUSE on the ESO VLT and the new generation of infrared spectrographs such as MOSFIRE on Keck.

We will discuss the most recent results and compare them with model predictions, in preparation for the launch of three cornerstone space missions: JWST, Euclid and WFIRST. The synergy of these missions with LSST, PFS, DESI, e-Rosita and the large radio telescope SKA will change our field in the years to come.

Special emphasis will be given to environment and its impact on star formation and galaxy morphology. We will discuss how the interplay of galaxy cluster components influences galaxy evolution.

The major topics covered by the conference will be:

• Galaxy evolution – recent models and observations

• Star formation, gas and IGM

• The role and sources of feedback, such as stellar and AGN feedback

• The role of environment

• The role of galaxy mass and halo mass

• Galaxy clusters – the interplay of cluster components

• Preparation for the next space- and ground-based surveys

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